Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Black Italian Stallion Just Called Me

I just got off of the phone with THE Black Italian Stallion. It seems as though he is upset with this site. I had difficulty understanding what he was saying at first. I thought he had the wrong number. Then he called me by my first name. Very Creepy. Then he proceeded to quote my address. Creepier. Then I heard him say "Black Italian Stallion" and I knew what was going on.

He seems to be most upset with the fact that there is a picture of a toilet on this site. Also, If you google "black italian stallion", turns up above his official site in the results list.

I think he believes that one dopey little post about his site is enough to put him out of business. The word "Lawyer" was mentioned at one point. If it really comes down to that, then the post is toast. I surely hope not, he is incredibly entertaining and I would hate to have to pull the post over this. I'm not really sure there is any legal recourse for linking one publicly available resource to another publicly available resource anyway.

In any event, no harm was intended to the Black Italian Stallion. I posted the link because I thought that people would get a kick out of it. I found him incredibly entertaining. If I am home on Wednesday afternoons, I always check him out on Public Access. Sure, he has a weird way of spelling things but I don't think that spelling is his business. Music is. This guy is a true original.

Note to the Stallion if you read this post:
I totally dig what you're doing. Keep up the good work. I am truly sorry if my original post caused any harm to your business.

Note to anyone else reading this:
Give this guy a call! He's sure to bring a unique experience to any event!