Sunday, August 08, 2004

Adventures In Secret Shopping

Can you believe this one? This weekend we became secret shoppers. We actually got paid to covertly take pictures of gas station toilets. We had to buy a pack of gum and comment on the demeanor of the cashier. We got $10 bucks a pop for three gas stations. All was done in about an hour. The whole time I felt like a criminal casing the joint. I meant that in the good way. It would have been much cooler if we had been busted by someone though. The cashier could've been like all, "hahaha, i know what yer doing! Busted!" or a cop could be like all, "You're under arrest for spying, bitches! Hah!" But, alas, nothing even close to being that cool happened. Instead, the highlight ended up being a dirty unstocked bathroom that we got to complain about on a questionaire. If anyone wants to see the rest of the pictures, comment below.


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