Thursday, April 29, 2004

I spent the day with my Daughter, [name deleted], today. I did laundry. I disposed of some cardboard carpet rolls. I completed my operations research homework. I spoke to Geico about taking the escort off of the policy but they said I had to return the plates first. I took the garbage can in from the curb. I did not go to the bank because they were closed by the time that I finished my homework. I am waiting for [another name deleted] to get home so that we can eat dinner. The Home Depot guy didn't say that he thought that our carpet was installed horribly but I could see it in his eyes. He now has to return to his boss and rat on his co-workers. His boss will very likely not care about it very much and just do what he should have done to begin with: give us a LARGE discount or reinstall the whole thing. [same other name deleted] and I dreamed via instant messenger about having the money to buy things like Louis vuitton handbags and the other toys that adults play with to make themselves feel better.


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